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  • Open road in an autumn forest

    How to get paid more for writing code? How to advance my career in software development? What do employers value in developers? What makes a senior developer? How to get paid at the top of the coding market? How to work in a team?

    May 5 | Software development -

  • An old man in a workshop

    Is it a waste of time to carry out automatic testing on web applications? What is the best way to approach web application testing, and what are the most common mistakes when doing it? Should I write automated UI tests?

    Apr 2 | Software development - Testing

  • A person taking notes on a piece of paper between two laptop screens

    Things to do before starting a code review, best practises on how to do a code review, and things to be mindful of. What to check before submitting your code review. How to avoid long discussions and conflict when doing peer review.

    Feb 2 | Software development - Teamwork

  • HTML code on a computer screen

    How to write clean, extendable, and testable render functions for ReactJS components.

    Jan 7 | ReactJS - Clean Code